3 Things Sports has to do with Business: Part 1


exist in sports as well as in business. Anyone participating in a race or competition thinks about a goal and prepares to achieve it. Even saying: “I only want to arrive at the finish line” is a goal: you need to do something in order to achieve it. In business we define objectives, as well. A lot of companies measure performance through objectives. Any project has clearly defined objectives (well, hopefully!). And meetings have an objective – well, good meetings do, I have seen quite a few without an agenda or outcome. But: we meet because we want to achieve a result, i.e. we have an objective.


works in both areas. You can achieve the famous “flow state” whenever you focus on something, forgetting the time. Have you ever prepared a presentation, or read a text about a topic you really enjoy, and forgotten the time? In sports, have you ever felt that you were totally focused, in the movement, and you went on and on?

Tension and Relaxation:

is required in both areas. If you work without breaks, day after day, when do you think about your strategy or check whether your course needs correction? If you train without breaks, when do you allow your body to recover and get stronger? (guess when a muscle actually grows…)

The two areas continuously feed one another and support each other. You may realize what did not work well in sports – to then avoid the same behavior in your business life.

Contact me if this article makes you think. In my coaching, I look at both areas and sometimes new, unexpected perspectives come up. And sometimes… there is some magic happening in my coaching – if you and I do not expect anything.