3 Things Sports has to do with Business: Part 2

After my last article, part 1, here are…

3 More Things Sports has to do with Business

Individual & Team Performance:

The “right team” is the next topic. In many jobs as well as in many sports we act as a team in order to be successful. There are two aspects: the individual needs to perform (within the team), and the team needs to perform (as a whole). Teams can be coached as a whole, and individuals can be coached to improve in the team as well as in their lives.


Continuity is certainly one of the success factors in many areas of life. Keep practicing, make your experience, don’t stop. Skills are developed through constant practice! 


„Work hard – Recover even harder“: This is true after a long and intense working day as well as after a hard training session. Both demand a lot from our body – and brain! Studies show that we can perform at top level for 90 minutes before we start producing stress hormones: no one can be fully focused and productive for hours. And have you realized that you feel more stressed when you lack recovery (i.e. sleep)?


Contact me if this article makes you think. In my coaching, I look at both areas, and sometimes new, unexpected perspectives come up! And sometimes… there is some magic happening in my coaching – if you and I do not expect anything. I look forward to talking to you!