3 Things Sports has to do with Business: Part 3

Fear of New Things

There are, and always will be, situations you have not experienced before. And there will be fear. A presentation in front of a larger audience. Riding downhill on your bike. Becoming a manager and hiring a team member. Trying a pull-up (which muscles do I need to target??). Firing someone. Swimming in a lake.
– Learning new skills and growth are only possible when you try new things!

Focus and Your WHY

Have you ever realized that suddenly you find enough time for a certain project? 

In sports: if you have a strong WHY, you WILL find time to train for it, even if your day was absolutely busy before. 

And in business? A strong WHY gives you more focus, right? You set your priorities on what to do with the 24 hours we all have available per day. 


Keep practicing. This is the secret of the small steps – which end up with success. Even if you do not feel any progress, keep going. At some point you will realize that you made it! You stand in front of an audience and speak. You run 10 kilometers. Your team asks you for your opinion. You lift a heavier weight. 


Contact me if this article makes you think. In my coaching, I look at both areas, and sometimes new, unexpected perspectives come up! And sometimes… there is some magic happening in my coaching – if you and I do not expect anything. I look forward to talking to you!