3 Things Sports has to do with Business: Part 4

3 More Things Sports has to do with Business: here is part 4 after recording episode #2 for my YouTube channel and podcast “Top Performance in Sport & Business” with Andreas Klement, Athletes Coach and Leadership Expert.


I wrote about objectives in part 1, and there is more to say. Set objectives which are achievable! Otherwise you will be frustrated as there is no success. Think how to measure your success: otherwise you will not achieve your objective, nor will you be motivated for the next objectives. In business, we see both extremes: from totally KPI driven to being disoriented. Set objectives for your team so they know where to go, make them measurable, use everybody’s strenghts, and celebrate successes. In sports, no (professional) athlete starts his training without having an objective!

Effort and Discipline:

The road to success may not always be as fast as you hope. There is effort and discipline involved. While this may not sound surprising, this also means that you can achieve a lot as long as you put in effort and are disciplined. Believe in yourself!


There is no athlete who does not work with a coach. For sure when it comes to professional athletes! The coach’s main task is to make the client more successful every day. And this is true in sports as well as in business when it comes to leaders: I believe that coaching skills are essential for the leaders of the (near) future.

Contact me if this article makes you think. In my coaching, I look at both areas, and sometimes new, unexpected perspectives come up! And sometimes… there is some magic happening in my coaching – if you and I do not expect anything. I look forward to talking to you!